Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood bank refrigerator is an eco friendly C.F.C free and specially designed for storing Blood Bags and other specific medical products like vaccines, cultures, reagents, etc. to store in a fixed temperature of 4’C with an accuracy of +/-0.5’C. It is ideally suitable for Blood Banks, Hospitals, Pathological and Hematological Laboratories.
Double walled construction, inner S.S and outer M.S with beautifully powder coated, and with PUF insulation between the two chambers. The gasket keeps the door sealed against warm air and moisture. Inner chamber having four compartments, each compartment have transparent Plexiglass inner door.
Hermetically sealed compressor and capillary controlled balance refrigeration system is housed below the instrument for ease mobility, the unit is fitted with four castor wheels. Internal lights will be illuminated automatically when the door is opened.
Control Panel:
Control Panel consists of fully automatic Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller, On/Off switch, protective fuse, Defrost switch etc. Also incorporated is an electronic Audiovisual alarm in case of temperature variation beyond limit due to either power failure or any other reason, thereby safeguarding the costly samples inside the chamber. We recommended the use of good quality voltage stabilizer to maintain the voltage at 220/230 Volts.

Capacity Recommended Stabilizer
60 blood bags 1 KVA
144 blood bags 1 KVA
244 blood bags 2 KVA
288 blood bags 2 KVA

Guarantee is invalid for problems arising out of non use of voltage stabilizer.

  • Recorder 7 days circular chart recorder (Ink type, Inkless type)
  • Micro processor temp. controller to take print out temp. reading in regular intervells.
  • Voltage stabilizer

Note: Outer body SS 304 quality can be fabricated on extra cost.