Laminar Air Flow

made out of high quality commercial ply paneling in Teak wood structure. Interiors coated with suitable synthetic rubber paint by Tripple coat method. Exteriors covered with Industrial decorative, Matt finished, Ivory/white coloured, Laminates.
Air Handling unit:
Hanging Type Motor assembly provided for less vibration for less vibration. Automatic OFF Tripp Relay provided for the safety of motor against high voltage . Blower of Aluminium Impeller with Motor of suitable ISI make, Single Phase, 220 volt, 50 Hz.     Pre Filter:
Micro Clean Pre Filter down to 5 – 10 Micron particulate at an efficiency of 992 being made out of high Loft non woven, synthetic fabric, with speciely selected Coarse denier,reinforced by HDPE mesh.
Hepa Filter:
Suitable ultra clean HEPA Filter down to 0.3 Micron particulate at efficiency of 99.99% used. Media of Micro clean Fibre Glass paper of a imported origin.
Grills: Made out of 16 SWG. CRC Sheet perforated with an open area of 75% coated with DUCO Paint.
Side Screens: 6mm. Transperent plexi glass fixed on Alumnium angle Frames.
Illumination: Diffused Florescent Tubes 40 Watts – 220 V Provided.
U.V. Lamp: Three feet, Thirty Watt Ultra Violet lamp is provided for the purpose of GERMCIDAL FUNCTION. Provided with Automatic OFF timer control. Timer 0 to 120 minutes.
Mano Meter: Provided.
Gas Corks: Provided.
Table Top: Decorative Laminates of 1.5mm, thickness, Matt finish, White colour. (optionally Stain Finish Stainless Steel Table Top can be provided, if required)
Additional 15/5 Amphs combined switch Socket provided in the working area.
Electrical systems:  220 volts, Single Phase, 50Hz. Selector switches for A.H.U. illumination, are provided.
Levelling jacks: Shall be provided for leveling positioning of the equipment along castor wheels for free movement.
Velocity: 90 +/-20 FPM
Flow: Vertical / Horizontal
Cleanliness: Class 100 Condition
Dise Level: 65 dp approximately
Horizontal & Vertical (Working Area in Ft.):
2 x 2 x 2   /   3 x 2 x 2   /   4 x 2 x 2   /   5 x 2 x 2   /   6 x 2 x 2
Optional: 1. S.S. Table        2. Front Door     3. UV Lamp