Humidity Chamber

SRICO Humidity Chamber – for use from ambient to 60’C. Triple walled construction with forced air circulation system, insulation is of 75mm thick glasswool, inside walls made out of aluminium/stainless steel as desired. Middle walls are of stainless steel/aluminium, outside walls are of mild steel finished in attractive DUCO shell white/powder coated.
The unit is mounted on caster wheels for wheels for ease of mobility. The door is massive construction having glass viewing window and seals against atmosphere infiltration by resilient asbestos and rubber gasket. Humidity is controlled by imported Humidistat having range 0 to 100%; humidity can be obtained from atmospheric humidity to 97% with sensitivity of +/-3% fitted inside the chamber. Separate water tank has been provided at the lower/vertical side of the cabinet. Humidification is by steam vapours. Heating is accomplished ny the aid of 80/20 Nichrome elements made out of imported wire.
Temperature is controlled by imported capillary Thermostat from a five degree above room temperature to 60’C with an accuracy of +/-1’C. Individual neon lamps and switches have been provided at the bottom side of the chamber which can be used individually according to requirements. The wet and dry temperatures are recorded from the thermometer supplied along with he equipment complete with plug and cord for operation on 220/230 VAC 50 cycles.
Chamber Size: (in - mm)
Height    X   Width   X   Depth
  710      X    455     X    455
  605      X    605     X    605
  910      X    605     X    605
SRICO Humidity chamber (with cooling) contruction is same as above as above but with cooling arrangement for use from temperature 5’C to 60’C. Chamber size is as mentioned above.
Optional Suitable For Both Model:
    1. Microprocessor based digital temperature monitoring system with built-in printer
    2. Digital Temp. Indicating cum controller with direct reading humidity percentage indicator at extra cost.
    3. Digital Timer 0-999 min./0-999 hr. with thumble setting and alarm.
    4. Lighting system by 3 nos. fluorescent tubes of 20 watts fitted with back wall.
    5. Energy meter (Digital).
    6. Voltage Stabilizer.