BOD Incubator

Srico B O D Incubator triple walled vertical type cabinet. Outer casing is mild steel attractively colour powder coating finished. 75mm thickness glasswool/puf insulation minimize temperature loss. Stainless steel/Aluminium interior walls supports allowing wide range of shelf positions and spacings. Intermediate wall maintains constant temperature inside the chamber. Full view inner glass door closed on a resilient gasket and permits inspection of stores without disturbing the same. Lock and key arrangements is provided in the double walled outer door, also fitted a door operated lamp for illumination inside the chamber. The unit is mounted on caster wheels for ease of mobility.
Digital Temperature Indicating cum Controller:
Digital display temperature indication. Fully automatic solid state electronic controller with PT-100 sensor controls the set temp. automatically.Press to set the temperature setting using the same display eliminates set and rest error and serves easy quick setting Temperature from 5 C to 60 C with sensitivity_ 1 C. Forced air circulation fan is fixed to maintained uniform temperature throughout the chamber. Hermatically sealed, high performance compressor works quickly and maintains the cooling coils run all round the inner chamber.
Refrigeration arrangements consist of aeromatic sealed compressor, copper evaporated coil, air cooled condenser, condenser fan motor and blade, filter, CFC-free gas, etc are housed at the bottom of the B.O.D Incubator.
Control Panel:
All controls and circuits are housed at the top side of the B.O.D. Incubator and therefore protected from spillage. Separate indicator lamps for mains, cooling and heating indication. Temperature setting screw allow the user to select and set any desired temperature. Voltmeter, Ammeter is provided on the panel to read the incoming voltage and amps. Power supply working on 230 volt single phase 50Hz A/c main.
Chamber size:

Height(mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Volume (cu.ft) Litres Rating
845 400 300 4 Nos 105 400 W
845 500 400 6 Nos 165 500 W
870 570 560 10 Nos 280 1000 W
900 650 580 12 Nos 325 1500 W
900 750 750 18 Nos 504 2000 W
900 900 900 27 Nos 756 4000 W

Optional For Above Models:

  • Voltage stabliser is recommended to use.
  • Attachement for Converting B O D Incubator to Environmental Study Chamber

      A. Humidity Control and Humidification System.
      B. Lighting system by three fluorescent tubes of 20 watts with back wall.
      C. Digital Timer, 0-999 hr. or 0-999 minutes.
      D. Slow Speed Shaking Platform
      E. Voltage Stabiliser.