Rectangular Horizontal Steam Sterlizer

Material Construction:
Inner Chamber: Fabricated thick 304 grade or 316 grade Stainless steel.
Middle Chamber: Fabricated thick plate 304 grade or 316 grade Stainless steel or Rolled steel.
Outer Cover: Fabricated thick sheet 304 grade Stainless steel or Rolled steel.
Door Construction: Fabricated thick plate 304 grade or 316 grade Stainless steel or Rolled steel.
Welding process: TIG (Argon – Arc welding)
Insulation: Super Good quality glass wool filled with between outer and middle wall.
All Steam line piping of stainless steel:
Entire Cycle of sterilization controlled from single point operation.
Safety device self locking of door when chamber is under pressure, pressure switch, safety valve, vacuum braker for jacket.
Main unit fitted with pressure and vaccum gauge, compound gauge, multiport valve, safety pressure release valve.
Multiport operating  valve:
All functions of the sterilizer is controlled by this valve. The five positions indicated the following:
    1. Jacket pressure built up
    2. Steam entry from jacket to chamber
    3. Slow discharge of steam from chamber
    4. Rapid discharge of steam from chamber
    5. Vaccum
The generator is to be fabricated from thick gauge stainless steel sheet and the three heaters to be fixed on the front plate of the generator, the float switch is to be connected to the generator so that the unit stops working when the water level goes down. Steam generator fitted with gauge valve, low water protection, visual alarm, pressure gauge, safety release valve, pressure control valve and heating elements.
Instrumentation control Panel fitted with the following items:
Digital temp, indicating cum controller, voltmeter with selector switch, ammeter with selector switch, Mains On/Off switch, Heaters On/Off switch, Indicating lamps, Air Break magnetic Contactor, Pressure Control Switch, H.R.S. fuse Carriers, etc.
Technical Data:
Working pressure: 1.2 kg/cm2 or 2 kg/cm2
Temperature: 121’C 134’C
Working Chamber Size:

Height Width Depth Rating (KW)
600 600 1200MM 18.00
900 600 1500MM 36.00
900 900 1200MM 36.00

Power supply the autoclave supplied suitable of main cable 2 meter length wire for operation 400/440 volt Three Phase 50 cycle AC Main 4 wire system.
Optional Accessories:
    1. Stainless Steel carriage
    2. Rolled steel transparent trolly
    3. High vacuum pump
    4. Microprocessor based Temp. controller and printer
    5. Thermograph and temp. RTD sensor.
    6. Digital automatic timer