Ultra Cryostat

The inner chamber of the temperature bath made out of S.S and outer chamber made out of Aluminium. The complete system mounted on strudy angle iron frame. The refrigeration system consisting of herematically sealed compressor using freon 12 gas. Condenser, air-cooled by a separate heavy-duty motor driven fan and evaporator which brings down the temperature. All the joints of the system are especially fretted to prevent refrigeration loss. The cooling of this system evenly placed inside, the inner chamber of the temperature bath.
All pump cum stirring unit will be provided to keep the temperature uniform throughout the chamber. The pump can use for outer circulation purpose and it will have an output of four Lit. Per minute.
Tank Capacity: 12 Liters
Working Space: 200 x 200 x200 mm

Sl.No Temperature Range
01. 0’c to Ambient
02. 0’C to 100’C
03. -10’C to Ambient
04. -20’C to 100’C
05. -30’C to Ambient
06. -30’C to 100’C
07. -50’C to Ambient
08. -70’C to Ambient
09. -80’C to Ambient